Pro Forma
Pro Forma is counter-reactive to the colonial mindset that I harbored while living in Manila for thirty years. As a thesis, it investigates the intersection of my design education and my background. It seeks to challenge the rigidity of Eurocentric design systems by importing and exporting my Filipino upbringing and experience into my practice. Pro Forma is the genesis of an ongoing process to unlearn my proclivity for Western design models by reconnecting with personal histories and Philippine culture. In doing so, the nuances of my identity—my Filipino upbringing and my Western design education— co-exist in a singular visual space.

This body of work aims to share a specific viewpoint by examining Filipino aesthetic tendencies, vernacular, and even the humor evident in written and verbal communication. It utilizes a methodology steered by a self-expressive and intuitive approach to form-making, subsequently generating distinct, reflective, and personal outcomes. Pro Forma is an initial invoice—a summary of imported resources and exported deliverables that I have thus far collected, assembled, and authorized to this end.

Perfect bound, 388 pp., 6.5 × 9 in.